Creating a Basic Personal Web Page

When your CLAS Linux account is created a stub/default web page is automatically created.  You can re-create a basic personal web page, by running the mkpub command from a command shell on a Linux workstation managed by the CLAS Linux Group. To run mkpub, just type mkpub at a Linux command prompt, like this:


The mkpub command will create your personal web directory and a file for your home page, and it will give them correct permissions. If you already have a personal web directory and home page, mkpub will exit without doing anything. You can create a new home page file by running mkpub with the -m option, like this:

mkpub -m

When you use the -m option, mkpub will save your old home page file.

When you've created your web page, notify anyone whom you'd like to have add your link to their web site.