Remote Windows Access/VMWare View Help

Remote Windows Desktop Description

The VMWare View environment consists of a number of Windows virtual machines loaded with the same software as the Windows desktop computers in the MLH 301 CS Computer lab. Because the machines are virtual machines and not actual hardware, certain graphical, CPU or disk intensive applications may not work properly and thus may be inappropriate for this environment. Software that needs direct access to the hardware will also have problems.

The VMWare View desktop can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. If you are off campus, you DO NOT need the UI Anywhere VPN service.

General Usage

The desktops may be accessed by downloading and installing the VMWare Horizon View client.

Download the latest version of the Horizon View Client.
Select "VMware Horizon View HTML Access".
Log in using your HawkID.
Select the "CLAS_LAB" pool. You should be connected to a view desktop.

Client Installation Instructions

The desktops may also be accessed via client software. This allows USB sharing. Most users will be fine using the HTML version of the desktop above.

Using the VMWare View Client on MacOS
Using the VMWare View Client on Windows
Tablets (Untested, your mileage may vary. Use at your own risk)

The iOS client is available from the Apple app store. Search for "vMware Horizon view".
The Android client is available from the Google app store or the Amazon Kindle store. Search for "vMware Horizon view".

Session Termination Policy

Please log off VMWare View sessions as soon as you have completed your work. Idle sessions will be terminated, and all work may be lost. Please read the VMWare View Session Termination Policy for more information.