Before Logging In: Responsibilities and Rules

Before logging in for the first time, please read the following rules and responsibilities. By the terms of the sources of funding for the equipment and facilities in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS), the equipment and facilities are intended for educational and/or research use. The continued existence of the equipment and facilities depends upon their responsible use. Please abide by these rules when using the computing resources.

Do NOT try to run cracking software on CLAS Linux computing equipment or elsewhere on the network. Do not use such software, even if you're just experimenting with it. The University of Iowa may take action against any student shown to be using cracking software.

Do NOT try to connect your own network equipment to CLAS computing equipment or the network. Plugging your equipment into the network can harm your own equipment and can also disable some or even all of the other computers on the network.

Do NOT try to move equipment, such as mice, keyboards, and monitors, from or between CLAS Linux equipment. Doing so can crash a workstation. There are many incompatibilities between different types of platforms. Trying to swap pieces between the systems can harm the hardware.

Do NOT remove any equipment (including mouse pads, manuals, and cables). If you notice anyone walking out with equipment, report it immediately to the CLAS Linux Group.

Do NOT bring food or beverages into the laboratories. The laboratories can be crowded, and food and beverages can easily spill and damage the equipment.

Report all equipment problems to the CLAS Linux Group. The sooner the staff know of a problem, the sooner it can be fixed.

NEVER turn off the CLAS Linux Group equipment. The workstations require a graceful software shutdown before they can be powered off. They are also multi-user machines. At any time, many users can be remotely logged into a given machine. Turning the machine off will cause remote users to lose all their current work. When you have finished with a machine, logout but leave it running. If a machine locks up or appears frozen, do NOT turn the machine off. Instead, the problem should be reported to the CLAS Linux Group.

Be considerate of other users. Keep conversations and noise to a minimum in the laboratories. If you are surfing or playing games and the laboratory you are in is crowded or your workstation has a heavy load, logout and come back when it's not as busy. If you are a teaching assistant, please do not hold office hours in the laboratories.

Do NOT lock the screen of a laboratory workstation. When you leave a laboratory, logout. If you leave the screen locked, you can expect to have your session killed. It is understood that people may wish to lock their screen to get a drink of water or go to the restroom, but under NO circumstances should a screen be locked for more than 15 minutes.

Respect the rights and privacy of others. Do not use the equipment to break into accounts, obtain superuser privileges, read others' email, pirate software or music or movies, or conduct other unauthorized, unethical or illegal activities. Unauthorized use of the equipment or facilities will result in the disabling of your account and other disciplinary action.

Check the windows and doors when you leave a laboratory. If you are the last person in the laboratory, make sure it is secure.