The CLAS Linux Group will provide Linux home directories to CLAS Linux managed equipment, as follows:

Student disk quota: 30 gigabytes
RA disk quota: 30 gigabytes
Faculty and Staff disk quota: 30 gigabytes

This space includes backups as defined in the Backup and Recovery Policy.

Please see Personal Web Quota for web quota details.

Faculty/Staff can purchase additional quota for $0.15/month/Gig. To receive 31G of quota (your 30000 meg + 1000 meg more), it will cost $1.50/year. This quota is total file space quota including group or project quota not in your home account. Shared space or projects are setup on a by request basis.

There is unique user quota assigned PER FILE SYSTEM. Be sure to check your quota for each file system you have write access to.

From Windows, you can "right click" on the drive letter and select "Properties" to view your hard quota as well.

From Linux, use the quota -s -w command from at a Terminal window or Xterm window.

Each user has a soft quota and a hard quota. If you exceed the soft quota, you will have seven days to reduce your disk usage. After that grace period, or immediately upon exceeding your hard quota, you will not be able to write to any of your files. When that happens, you will not be able to login to the console of any workstation. (You still can login remotely.) Also, any work you do may not be saved. To reduce your disk usage, delete or archive old, unused, or infrequently used files and directories. There are several archive and compression utilities available - do a man tar, man compress, and man gzip for details.

Your account is intended to be used for educational and research purposes. If you exceed your quota, you may request more. (See the section Help Request Trouble Ticket System.) However, if the CLAS Linux Group finds that your use of disk space does not seem to be primarily for educational or research purposes, it may deny your request.

For more information about quota, use the command man quota.