Starting a Session at the Console

To login to a workstation at the console, first make sure that a login screen is displayed on the monitor. Click on the Login: field and type in your HawkID. Press the Enter key, and then type your HawkID passphrase in the Password: field and press Enter again.

If your login fails, make sure that the Caps Lock key is not on, then try again. If repeated attempts to login fail, then you will have to visit the CLAS Linux Group in room 303A MLH and ask a system administrator to help you with your login problem.

When you have logged in, the monitor will display a desktop. You probably will want to execute commands from a UNIX shell prompt inside a terminal window. The instructions for opening a terminal window depend upon the type of workstation you have logged into.

Move the mouse cursor to the icon display of a computer terminal. (It looks like a picture of a LCD screen.) Click the left mouse button. A terminal window will appear.