Help Request Trouble Ticket System

Requesting Help

If the help pages do not provide the information you need, you can request help by opening a trouble ticket, using either email or a web interface. Be sure to include all relevant details, such as your HawkID, the location and type of computer you are using, the names and versions of any software and operating systems involved, and the date and time the problem occurred. If the problem involves a computer managed by the CLAS Linux Group team, then also include the name of the computer.

Using Email

To open a trouble ticket via email, send email to

Using the Web Interface

To open a trouble ticket via the web interface, go to

Via the Phone

If you cannot send email or open the request web interface, then call the receptionist for the Department of Computer Science at 319-335-0713.

Viewing Your Trouble Tickets

To see the status of your trouble tickets and all correspondence related to them, go to the web interface and login to the request system with your HawkID and passphrase.