Quick Start to Linux Computing


To login to a workstation, first make sure that a login screen is displayed on the monitor. Click on the Login: field and type in your HawkID. Press the Enter key, and then type your HawkID passphrase in the Password: field and press Enter again.

If your login fails, make sure that the Caps Lock key is not on, then try again. If repeated attempts to login fail, then you will have to visit the CLAS Linux Group in room 303A MLH and ask a system administrator to help you with your login problem.

Start Firefox

Much of the information for new users is available through Firefox. To start Firefox, you must bring up the Applications > Internet > Firefox Web Browser menu. Select the Firefox Web Browser and it will automatically open up the CLAS Linux Group web page.

Read the documentation on the CLAS Linux Group page

Read Getting Started with Your CLAS Linux Account, especially the first two sections labeled Quick Start and How to Get Help. (You can follow any link that is highlighted by clicking once with your left mouse button on the highlighted text.)