Configuring the Pidgin Client in Linux

  1. Click Applications > Internet > Pidgin Instant Messenger.

    Screenshot of the Applications > Internet menu in Linux.

  2. A new window will open prompting you to add an account, click Add....

    Screenshot of the Welcome to Pidgin screen.

  3. On the window named "Add Account", choose the "Protocol" pull-down menu, and select XMPP.

    Screenshot of the Add Account screen in the Pidgin Client.

  4. After you select XMPP, the window named "Add Account" will change. Set these values:
    "Username:" to your HawkID.
    "Domain:" to
    "Resource:" to divms.
    Click the Add button.

    Screenshot of the Add Account screen in the Pidgin client with the XMPP protocol.

    NOTE: The CLAS Linux Group strongly recommends that you do NOT select the "Remember password" option. The Pidgin client stores passphrases as plain text.

  5. You will next be prompted to verify the SSL cert that our jabber server uses. Click on View Certificate...

    Screenshot of the SSL Certificate Verification screen in the Pidgin Client.

  6. If the certificate has the following values:
    Common name:
    Fingerprint (SHA1): e3:e9:ae:84:f4:22:2f:fd:fb:9c:de:af:89:de:2f:27:0a:3a:cb:62
    Activation date: Wed Apr 19 04:09:54 2006
    Expiration date: Sat Apr 16 04:09:54 2016
    Click Close and then Accept.

    Screenshot of the Certificate Information screen in the Pidgin Client.

  7. You will next be prompted to enter your passphrase (if verifying the certificate took too long, click Reconnect in the main window). Make sure the "Save password" box is unchecked. Type your passphrase and click OK.

    Screenshot of the password prompt in the Pidgin Client.

  8. Click Buddies > Add Buddy.

    Screenshot of the Add Buddy screen in the Pidgin Client.

  9. On the "Add Buddy" screen, set:
    "Buddy's username:" to the HawkID of the person you would like to add, followed by ""
    "(Optional) Alias:" to whatever you would like to be displayed when your buddy contacts you. (You may leave it blank if you wish, in which case the "Buddy's username" field will be displayed".
    "Add buddy to group:" to the default Buddies or to any group name you choose.

    Screenshot of the Add Buddy screen in the Pidgin Client.

  10. When you are done using Pidgin, make sure you select Buddies > Quit, or press CTRL+Q. If you exit any other way, the client continues running in the background.

    Screenshot of the Buddies menu in the Pidgin Client.