Table of Installed Development Software

The packages listed below are installed by the CLAS Linux Group. The staff will support them to the best of their ability. However, the CLAS Linux Group does not have expertise using most of the software listed and may only be able to verify that the software runs.

Linux comes with many packages, and several packages that Linux does not provide are also installed. To find out what packages have been installed on a particular workstation, see What software can I use? in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Build, Configuration and Installation Utilities

  • Autoconf - automatically configure software source code packages
  • M4 - macro language often used in system configuration
    • GNU M4 - GNU implementation, part of most Linux distributions
  • make - utility to automatically build executable programs and libraries from source code


Database Programming


  • GDB - the GNU Project Debugger
  • GNU DDD - graphical front-end for command-line debuggers
  • Intel Debugger - companion debugger to Intel compilers

Editors/Integrated Development Environments


  • CUDA - software development kit for high-performance NVIDIA GPUs
    • CULA - CUDA enabled linear algebra libraries
    • Magma - CUDA enabled linear algebra libraries
  • GSL - the GNU Scientific Library, a collection of routines for numerical analysis, written in C
  • Intel Math Kernel Library - installed in /opt/intel-11
  • Open MPI - a high-performance message passing library
  • Optix - ray tracing engine for use with NVIDIA GPUs


Shell Scripting

Source Code Management

Web Programming