Online Course Submission

Requesting Online Coursework Submission

Students can submit coursework online via Iowa Courses Online (ICON). Alternatively, the CLAS Linux Group offers online coursework submission utilities. If an instructor would like to use the online coursework submission utilities, they should email a request to

How to Use the Coursework Submission Tools

The submit.location Command

The online coursework submission tools allow a student to submit coursework for an assignment by automatically copying the student's coursework files and/or directories to a special assignment directory for a class. Before a student can submit coursework to the assignment directory, the assignment directory must be created by the instructor or TA for the class, using the submit.location command.

The Assignment Directory

All assignment directories for a course are located under the /group/submit/course_abbreviation directory for that course, where course_abbreviation is the abbreviated name of the course. For example, the coursework directory for 22C:060 would probably be /group/submit/c_060.

Hierarchical Directories

It is possible to create a hierarchy of assignment directories. For example, you could create a Section1 directory, then a Homework1 assignment directory under Section1. This will allow the TA or instructor to create whatever hierarchy they wish for the class assignment directory. However, if you create an assignment directory under an already existing assignment directory, this will cause the parent directory to no longer show up on the submission list for that class. For example, if you create a Homework1 directory under a Section1 assignment directory, students will not be allowed to submit to the Section1 directory.

Creating an Assignment Directory with submit.location

When you run submit.location, it displays a list of all classes in the submit directory. When choosing a class, be sure to type it exactly. If you do not type it correctly, then you will get an error message, and the list of valid submit directories will repeat. At any time, pressing CTRL+C will quit the program. Do not use full pathnames; only pick from the choices presented.

Using submit

For information about how your students can use submit to submit coursework, read the page Online Coursework Submission.


If you type in submit.location but the command cannot be found, there probably is something wrong with your shell environment. You might be able to fix this by typing source /etc/CSHRC. If this does not work, ask the CLAS Linux Group for help.