Course Directories

If an instructor needs a course directory to share material with students, the instructor can send a request to Be sure to include the course number, and the Hawk IDs of any TAs. The CLAS Linux Group will create a course directory for your course. Course directories are intended to be used as a means of allowing students to have read-only access to materials that the instructor would like to make available to them. Course directories are not intended to be used as a means of online coursework submission. The CLAS Linux Group cannot provide help for non-supported uses of a course directory.

All course directories are in the /group/class directory on managed workstations. The directory will be publicly readable, but only the instructor and anyone in the TA permissions group for the course will have write access.The directory will be deleted at the end of the term. The instructor should be sure to copy anything they may want to save from the course directory before the course has ended.