Recommended References

The CLAS Linux Group have posted this information on behalf of others. This information is likely dated. Use at your own risk.

I'll start off backwards by referring you to some great books on LaTeX 2e. I strongly recommend the first two. I can't possibly do justice to the topic of the LaTeX language itself, but these books will. My help pages will hopefully get you going and help you become more confident about overall formatting, but you'll need to go to these books (or a good teacher, or some good examples) to learn LaTeX itself and construct the content of your thesis.

  1. A Guide to LaTeX 2e, Second Edition (1995), by Kopka and Daly. (Addison-Wesley).
    Great overall reference; especially strong on the built-in mathematical features.
  2. The LaTeX Companion (1994), by Goossens, Mittelbach and Samarin. (Addison-Wesley).
    Great overall reference; more detailed than other references, but lacking in discussion of built-in mathematical features (contains instead a lot of detail on the AMS-LaTeX add-on package, which is wonderful but has the serious drawback of not supporting wrapping of equations across pages)
  3. The LaTeX Graphics Companion, Illustrating Documents with TeX and Postscript (1997), by Goossens, Rahtz and Mittelbach. (Addison-Wesley).
    What I used to figure out how to incorporate Postscript into LaTeX. You probably won't need it if you follow my examples, but it's still nice to have, especially if you have unusual graphics needs.
  4. LaTeX, A Document Preparation System, User's Guide and Reference Manual, Second Edition (1994), by Leslie Lamport. (Addison-Wesley).
    Somewhat brief on most topics, but does contain some information not in the other references.