Writing a UI PhD Thesis in LaTeX 2e

The CLAS Linux Group have posted this information on behalf of others. This information is likely dated. Use at your own risk.

There is a github project at https://github.com/uiowaCLC/theses/tree/master/latex_style which is dated, but may get you started.  There is also a google share with a less out of date template here.  For official documentation on your thesis, consult the grad colleges web page here.

What you will find here:

a new uithesisXX.sty LaTeX 2e style file to help you comply with Graduate College formatting requirements, with examples of usage (a complete skeletal thesis)
methods for creation of graphics in S-Plus and incorporation into LaTeX documents, with examples
customized packages for creation of bibliography & citations, with examples of usage
instructions on setting up & maintaining a complete LaTeX system (compiler, packages, viewers, postscript, editor) for Windows 95/98/NT
info on a handful of specialized topics (finding & installing new packages/style files, using PSTricks to create tree diagrams, etc.)
a .zip file containing all my thesis files (to use for guidance, if you wish)

Table of Contents

  1. Recommended references
  2. Using the LaTeX 2e style file (uithesisXX.sty) to build a thesis adhering to Graduate College formatting requirements:
  3. Setting up a complete LaTeX 2e system in Win95/98/NT: