TeX and LaTeX


TeX and LaTeX are powerful batch formatting and typesetting programs. TeX and LaTeX produce output in device-independent file (DVI) format. These dvi files are usually converted to PostScript format before printing.

DVI and PostScript Utilities

dvips - convert dvi to PostScript
gv - view PostScript files
xdvi - view dvi files
xtex - an interface to all these utilities

University of Iowa Letterhead

Two style files for The University of Iowa letterhead are available for download: UIlh.sty and UIlh.doc. From email from Russ Lenth:

"I've made up a LaTeX .sty file that formats letters and prints it on a counterfeit of University of Iowa letterhead. This makes it possible to print out fairly decent letters without having to load letterhead into the printer. The counterfeit isn't perfect, but I think it's passable. The .sty file is designed to be customized for an individual. You get your own copy of the file and edit it so that your signature line gets printed, and your phone number and email address are printed in the bottom margin of the letterhead form."

University of Iowa Thesis

For help writing a thesis in LaTeX, see Writing a UI PhD Thesis in LaTeX 2e.

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