Eli Asikin-Garmager

University of Northern Iowa, BA TESOL; University of Iowa, MA Linguistics
560 EPB
Office Hours: 
Research Interests: 

Sasak, Austronesian languages, language production, TESL pedagogy, comparative syntax and morphosyntax, phonetics & phonology, language documentation



Presentations and Papers

"The effect of animacy and NP length on Austronesian voice production," the 35th Annual West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. April 2017.

 "Sasak voice and the syntactic dimensions of Austronesian nasal verb variation," the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. January 2017.

 "Dialect variation as a window into language change: A syntactic example from Sasak," International Seminar on Language Maintenance and Shift. August 2016 (with Nur Ahmadi, the University of Mataram).

"Sasak nasal verb variation: Antipassives and extraction asymmetries," the 5th International Symposium on Languages of Java. June 2015 (with Nur Ahmadi, the University of Mataram)

"Sasak: Antipassives and the syntactic dimensions of nasal verb variation," the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Society. May 2015.

"Hindi speech rate effects and the phonology of voiced aspirates," the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. January 2015.

"Effects of speaking rate on stop cues in Hindi," 19th Mid-Continental Phonetics and Phonology Conference. September 2014.

"Sasak /-an/: Towards a typological approach to the cognate suffix shared by languages of Java," Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute Student Conference. August 2013.

"Hanunóo Metathesis: A Test Case for an OT Approach to Left-Edge Metathesis," the 49th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. April 2013.

Current Research Projects: 

Sasak voice morphology and syntax, syntactic production, experimental syntax, morphosyntactic processing