Minor in Latina/o/x Studies

U.S. map overlaid with Latin American flags.

The Latina/o/x Studies minor is a versatile academic program that could be the key to your success upon graduating from The University of Iowa. Latina/o/x are the largest minority in Iowa and across the country. Yet despite this fact, too many people enter the world beyond college knowing little about the culture, history, and politics of this large and growing group of people who are central to our diverse world. This minor prepares you to better understand the breadth and distinction of Latina/o/x experiences in the United States.

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The minor in Latina/o/x Studies requires a minimum of 15 s.h. 


Foundation Course (3 s.h. required)

LATS:2280 Introduction to Latina/o/x Studies


Historical and Cultural Approaches (at least 6 s.h. from these)

HIST:1040 Latina/o/x History-- Conquest to the Present

HIST:4216  Mexican American History

LATS:1000 First-Year Seminar (1 s.h.)

LATS:1700 Latino/a/x Literature in the U.S.

LATS:1765 U.S. Latino Religions

LATS:1898 Intro Latina/o/x Communication & Culture

LATS:2400 Health/Intersectionality Latinx Peoples

LATS:3104 Immigration Politics

LATS:3217 Latina/o/x Immigration



LATS:3400 Chicano Literature and Culture

LATS:3410 Undocumented America

LATS:3415 Latina/o/x Protest, Movement, Resistance

LATS:3440 Topics in Latino/a Literature & Culture

LATS:3467 Latinx Literatures & Cultures

LATS:3550 Latinas, Latinos, Latinx, and the Law

LATS:4160 Language, Justice, & the Law (taught in Spanish)

LATS:4800 Latino/a/x Popular Culture

LATS:4805 Chicano Cinema



Comparative and Transnational Topics (at least 3 s.h. from these)

AFAM:2770 Environmental Racism
AFAM:3100 Critical Race Theory
COMM:2076 Race, Ethnicity, and Media
ENGL:2463 The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s
ENGL:3525 Literature and Culture of the Americas
ENGL:3535  Topics in Literature and Culture of the Americas
GWSS:2650 Global Reproduction
HIST:4334  Topics in American Borderlands History
LATS:3551 Topics in Latina/o/x Studies - Comp & Transnational

PHIL:3342 Multiculturalism and Toleration
POLI:1900 Intro to the Politics of Race
SJUS:2250 History of Social Justice Movements
SJUS:3550 Social Justice, Religion & Spirituality
SOC :2830 Race and Ethnicity
SPAN:2050 Spanish in the U.S.(taught in English)
SPAN:3045 Spanish Health Narratives (taught in Spanish)
SPAN:3130 Intro to Bilingualism (taught in Spanish)


Additional Course  (3 s.h.)

One course from the historical and cultural approaches list, or the comparative and transnational topics list, or LATS:4990 Independent Project in Latina/o/x Studies


The 15 s.h. required for the minor must include at least 12 s.h. earned at the University of Iowa.  No more than 6 s.h. of coursework used to satisfy another major, minor or certificate may be applied toward the minor.

For more information about the Latina/o/x Studies minor see the UI Catalog.

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