Primary Computer Guidelines

Please note: During the 2020-21 academic year, these policies, procedures, and practices will move to the CLAS Policies and Procedures website. At that time, this page will be discontinued.

CLAS Faculty and Staff CCR Primary Computer Guidelines

This document is a guide to assist the College and the CLAS TS Group in identifying primary computers for faculty and staff. A primary computer is the computer that will be replaced through the CLAS Computer Replacement (CCR) Program.

  • Primary computers will be the newest model year desktop or laptop used by faculty or staff that was purchased with CLAS funds.
  • Other computers in use are considered secondary and are not eligible for replacement.
  • Primary computers are used only by the faculty or staff member it is assigned to for their daily university computing needs.
  • DEOs may have more than one primary computer if they maintain both a faculty and a DEO office.
  • Personal funds may not be used for a CLAS TS-supported computer. Hardware or software purchased with personal funds may not be installed on any university-owned computer.
  • iPads and netbooks are not considered a primary computers but a MacBook Air can be primary.
  • Computers used by Emeriti faculty members are not eligible for replacement.
  • If the CLAS TS office is unaware of a primary computer status, that computer will not be flagged for replacement.
  • Decisions about the primary designation of a computer reside with the assigned consultant.
  • Primary computers are eligible for replacement at the end of the warranty period.

When a faculty or staff member resign from the university, their computers should be returned to the departmental consultant and marked as not eligible for replacement until the devices are reassigned. When appropriate, consultants need to inform the CLAS TS office when a computer is reassigned so it can be marked as primary.