IS Minor

IS student attends UI event, "Taste of Asia"

                        IS student attends UI event, "Taste of Asia"

The minor in International Studies requires a minimum of 15 s.h. 

The minor must include IS:2000 Introduction to International Studies, or one International Studies "foundation" course from the list below.

The minor must also include 12 s.h. in upper-level coursework approved for the International Studies major completed at the University of Iowa:

  • Upper-level courses have a course number of 3000+ (ex: HIST:3155 is upper-level)
  • Courses approved for the International Studies major are listed in the International Studies Course Database

To preserve the multidisciplinary nature of the International Studies minor, students may count a maximum of 6 s.h. from a single department, program, or from the Tippie College of Business, or from a major, another minor, or a certificate toward the International Studies minor. 

Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.00 in the minor. Course work in the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

Please note that International Studies minor degree audits do not update automatically.  They are updated during week 5 of the fall and spring semester.


Number Course Title Hours
ANTH:1101/ IS:1101 Cultural Anthropology 3 s.h.
ARTH:1030 Themes in Global Art 3 s.h.
CL:1240 Major Texts of Wold Lit, Antqty to 1700 3 s.h.
CL:1241 Major Texts of World Lit, 1700 to Present 3 s.h.
DANC:2060 Dance & Society in Global Contexts 3 s.h.
ENGL:2505 Introduction to Postcolonial Studies 3 s.h.
GEOG:1090 Globalization and Geographic Diversity 3 s.h.
GEOG:2910 Global Economy 3 s.h.
HIST:110 The Modern World 3 s.h.
HIST:3155 The World Since 1945 3 s.h.
IS:2020 World Events Today! 3 s.h.
POLI:1400 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 s.h.
RELS:1015 Religions in a Global Context 3 s.h.

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