Honors IS Major Requirements

Honors IS students at poster session

Honors IS students at the spring IS poster session

2012+ Honors ISBA Requirements

Students may work toward graduation with honors in International Studies. Students completing the Honors International Studies B.A. curriculum must maintain a cumulative University of Iowa grade point average (gpa) of at least 3.33 and a gpa of at least 3.33 in all course work for the major and in all course work that may be applied to the major.  Refer to the UI Honors Program website for information on additional requirements and opportunities for students who are members of the campus-wide honors program.

The Honors IS curriclum requires students to complete a minimum of 45 s.h. for the major, including at least 15 s.h. in upper-level (i.e., 3000+) course work and at least 6 s.h. in honors or contract honors courses (please note that in order to be eligible for honors or contract honors courses, students must opt into the UI Honors Program through MyUI/Student records, and have a cumulative UI gpa of 3.33+). Students also must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Program. International Studies students must complete course work from at least four different departments and/or programs; they may count a maximum of 12 s.h. from any department or program toward the major. Students may apply up to 12 s.h. of course work from each additional major, minor, or certificate they earn toward the International Studies major. Transfer credit approved by the International Studies Program may be applied to the major. Students must complete at least 15 s.h. of work for the major at the University of Iowa.

Introductory Courses

Both of these:

IS:2000 Introduction to International Studies 3 s.h.
IS:1000 Designing Your International Studies Major 1 s.h.

Foundation Courses

Students earn a minimum of 9 s.h. in foundation courses chosen from the following list: 

CL:1240 Major Texts of World Lit (to 1700) -or- CL:1241 Major Texts of World Lit (to present)
GEOG:1090 Globalization & Geographic Diversity  -or- GEOG:2910 Global Economy
HIST:1101 The Modern World -or- HIST:3155 World Since 1945 

ANTH:1101 (same as IS:1101) Cultural Anthropology 
ARTH:1030 Themes in Global Art
DANC:2060 Dance & Society in Global Contexts
ENGL:2505 Introduction to Postcolonial Studies
IS:2020 World Events Today!
POLI:1400 Introduction to Comparative Politics
RELS:1015 Religions in a Global Context

Language Requirement

All students must complete a minimum of two semesters of language study beyond that required by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Program. This additional language requirement may be met either by completing two semesters of upper-level (i.e., beyond second year/ second semester) study in the same language used to fulfill the General Education Program's World Languages requirement or by completing two semesters, or the equivalent, of a second world language at any level. Please note that "158/ASL" coursework does not satisfy the International Studies language requirement.

International Studies Tracks

Students complete 21 s.h. in a single International Studies track (including a minimum of  15 s.h. in upper-level courses). Or they may select courses from two International Studies tracks, completing 12 s.h. in the first track (including a minimum of 9 s.h. in upper-level courses); and completing 9 s.h. in the second track (including a minimum of 6 s.h. in upper-level courses).  Students may not count their foundation courses toward track requirements.

Honors IS students who choose the one-track option and who are completing the certificate in Global Health Studies, International Business, or Latin American Studies or the minor in Global Health Studies, Latin American studies, or Russian and Eastern European studies may not choose an International Studies track that corresponds with their certificate(s) or minor(s).

Honors IS students who choose the two-track option and who are completing the certificate in Global Health Studies, International Business, or Latin American Studies or the minor in Global Health Studies or Latin American studies may not choose a first track that corresponds with their certificate(s) or minor(s).

For a complete list of IS tracks, see Tracks/ Faculty, the International Studies Course Database or the UI Catalog.

With the International Studies Program's approval, students may develop other tracks for which sufficient courses exist. Students interested in developing a unique track should discuss their ideas with the International Studies academic advisor as soon as possible, and then submit the Create Your Own International Studies Track online form to the International Studies Program for possible approval.

Program Option B (Honors Thesis and Poster Session)

The Honors IS curriculum requires students to choose Program Option B which they complete with IS:3010 Creating a Proposal for Intl Research and IS:4991 Honors Thesis in International Studies. They must also present their honors thesis research in a poster session (fall or spring semester).

Additional Honors IS requirements

  • Honors IS students must complete a minimum of 6 semester hours of honors (or honors contract) coursework within the Honors IS curriculum.
    The electronic form which students use to contract a course as honors is in MyUI/ Student Records/ Courses & Grades. The deadline to submit the form is the last business day in September (fall semester), and the last business day in February (spring semester). The form is available only during the semester in which it will be submitted. Students are advsied to fill out the form while they are discussing their honors project with the instructor because the instructor must approve the form. More info is on the UIHP webiste.
  • Honors IS students must (in addition to submitting an Application for Degree in MyUI), submit an Application for Graduation with Honors in a CLAS Major to the UI Honors Program.
  • Honors IS students should consult with the UI Honors Program for information on all procedures and deadlines required for graduating with campus-wide Honors.