Undergraduate Program

IS student works as a research assistant for the International Writing Program

IS student works as an ICRU-funded research assistant for the International Writing Program

The International Studies B.A. allows students to integrate theoretical knowledge about broad global processes (and the methods used to study them) with in-depth examination of a particular geographical region or a major world theme.  The multidisciplinary curriculum of the major is designed so that students learn to appreciate and understand world cultures, focus on themes of global significance, and distinguish between the varied disciplinary approaches employed to study international issues.

Students direct aspects of their own studies by choosing an International Studies track, world language, and program option according to their individual interests. 

The courses which are approved for the IS tracks come from a variety of disciplines including: history; anthropology; religious studies; geography; global health; economics; gender, women’s & sexuality studies; comparative literature; journalism; and the arts.  Students find courses approved for the International Studies B.A. on the IS Course Database.

International Studies is an ideal complement to a wide range of academic degree programs and many students combine their International Studies major with another major such as a world language, business, journalism, anthropology, dance, or a health science.  The International Studies B.A. is also excellent preparation for graduate programs in such fields as public health, law, global development studies, urban and regional planning and area studies.

As an International Studies major, you will gain important skills that are transferable to a variety of international career sectors such as education, translation/interpreting, non-profits/non-governmental organizations, business, and government.

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