Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

IS student with her host family in Morocco

IS /IMES track student with her study abroad host family in Morocco

The Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies track will enable students to learn about the geography, cultures, languages, literature, arts, religions, politics, law and governments of Islamic societies and the Middle East. As a multidisciplinary area of inquiry, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies aims to help students develop critical skills to understand the rich cultures, complex ideas, and extensive history that shape modern Islamic and Middle Eastern societies.

Examples of post-graduation opportunities for International Studies graduates who have
completed the Islamic and Middle Eastern track include

  •  Commnications Assistant/ International Programs (University of Iowa)
  •  Case Manager/ US  Commitee for Refugees and Immigrants (Des Moines, Iowa)
  •  Grant Writer & Developer/ Grace Hills Settlement House (North St. Louis, Missouri)
  •  Diplomatic Intern/ Kurdistan Regional Government - Iraq (Washington DC)
  •  Director of Outreach and Communications/ The List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies (Washington DC)
  •  Fulbright English Language Teaching Assistantship (Turkey)
  •  MPA/MA Arts Administration dual program/ School of Public and Environmental Affairs (Indiana University)
  •  PhD program in Government and Politics (University of Maryland)