Temporary Staff Appointments

Professional & Scientific

There are six different temporary classifications to choose from for P&S bi-weekly appointments. The options range from an hourly appointment in a predetermined classification to 5 various "PZ" classifications:

  • PZ01 — miscellaneous temporary (non-student)
  • PZ02 — miscellaneous temporary student
  • PZ03 — short-term monthly
  • PZ04 — intern non-student or student
  • PZ05 — archaeology field technician

See P&S Temporary Appointments provided by UI HR for further clarification of definitions.


UI Employment Services offers hourly appointments for employees to perform work done normally by Merit staff. The temporary Merit appointment allows an individual to work up to 780 hours during a fiscal year. Requisitions are initiated through the HR Transaction System. For information, contact UI Employment Services at 335-2656.