Staff Collegiate Committees

Currently, a number of regular and ad hoc committee meetings are held that involve the College administrative office and staff in the College's units in governance activities, ranging from issues of special concern to staff to broader issues affecting the College, including budget and other financial issues. Collegiate meetings and activities that include staff in governance consist of the following:

If you wish to nominate yourself or others within the College to participate on any future committee work, please send your area of interest to

Administrative Support Group

  • Administrators in Professional & Scientific classifications represent their departments along with representation from HR and Budget & Finance in the Dean's Office. The group meets nine times per year to bring forth issues from departments and the college/university for discussion and problem solving, serves as a communication forum for best practices, provides an opportunity for training, and facilitates networking.
  • Administrative Support Group

Jacquie Albrecht, Departments of Communication Studies, Cinematic Arts, School of Journalism & Mass Communication & the CLAS Production Unit
Angie Bellew, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences & Earth and Environmental Sciences
Liz Cecil, Department of Political Science
Kayt Conrad, Division of Performing Arts
Margaret Driscol, Department of Mathematics
Troy Fitzpatrick, School of Art & Art History
Michele Gerot, English as a Second Language
Brenna Goode, Department of Chemistry
Pat Goodwin, Department of History
Erin Herting, CLAS Finance
Sarah Horgen, Anthropology & Museum Studies Certificate
Julie Jones, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Sasha Khmelnik, Creative Writing
Becky Kick, Department of Biology
Thomas Koeppel, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Ruthina Malone, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Barb Pooley, Departments of English, Philosophy, & Rhetoric
Allison Rockwell, Department of Computer Science
Julie Rothbardt, CLAS Human Resources
Tiffany Schier, Department of Health & Human Physiology  
Tammy Siegel, Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science
Liz Skogerboe, Department of Sociology
Rebecca Tritten, Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and Division of Interdisciplinary Programs
Maureen Walterhouse, Departments of Af Am Studies, American Studies, Classics, GWSS, & Religious Studies
Chuck Wieland, School of Social Work

ASG Education Committee

  • Reviews and recommends appropriate educational and training sessions as needed within CLAS.

Julie Rothbardt, CLAS Human Resources
Angie Bellew, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geographical & Sustainability Sciences
Brenna Goode, Department of Chemistry

Flexible Pay Committee for P&S Staff

  • Considers and recommends flexible pay awards (Extra Meritorious Performance and SPOT Awards) as submitted by CLAS departments.

Thomas Koeppel, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Ruthina Malone, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

CLAS Admin Training and Resource Committee

  • Meets to gather, discuss, and develop training/educational resources for new Administrators to create efficiencies.

Diane Fountain, CLAS Human Resources
Heather Mineart, Physics & Astronomy
Melia Pieper, CLAS Human Resources
Barb Pooley, Departments of English, Philosophy & Rhetoric
Tiffany Schier, Department of Health & Human Physiology
Rebecca Tritten, Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Vacant, CLAS Finance

Scholarship Committee

  • Enacts stewardship of CLAS scholarship funds and selects recipients for CLAS scholarships each year through the College’s scholarship competition.

Diane Hauser, CLAS Undergraduate Programs
Monica Madura, CLAS Administration

Staff Recognition Committee

  • Organizes annual Staff Recognition Reception, oversees collegiate staff excellence and professional development awards, CLAS Leadership Award, sponsors and administers CLAS “Thank You” program, and initiates other forms of staff recognition or acknowledgement.
  • Staff Recognition Committee Charge

Liz Cecil, School of Art and Art History
Laura Goddard, School of Music
Jeanne Mullen, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Brittany Ogden, CLAS Dean's Office
Melia Pieper, CLAS Human Resources
Greta Sokoloff, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

CLAS Wellness Ambassadors Committee

  • Meets to discuss, organize, and initiate wellness programs and activities for faculty and staff in CLAS.