Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

New-hire and refresher sexual harassment prevention training is offered through UI Learning and Development.

Both online and instructor-led classes are available. CLAS firmly believes that completion of the instructor-led course is more beneficial to the individual; however, we understand this is not always feasible. For incoming faculty, TAs, and RAs, it may be beneficial to tie in the SHPT with any orientations the department may have before classes start.

Note: A refresher course of the Sexual Harassment Training (SHPT) must be completed every three calendar years from the date of the most recent training. See chart below. 

To attend an instructor-led class, employees should

  1. Log on to HR Self Service.
  2. Click "My Career"
  3. Click on "Learning and Development"
  4. Click on "My Training"
  5. Select "Enroll in Courses"
  6. Type "Harassment" in Course Title and select "Search Courses"
  7. Select "Overview of Harassment Prevention"
  8. Sign up and attend one of the courses offered.

Please note there are no longer separate instructor-led courses for each classification.

To take an online class, the employees should

  1. Determine whether s/he is eligible to take the course online. See chart below.
  2. Log on to HR Self Service.
  3. Click on “Personal” tab.
  4. In the "Compliance and Qualifications" section, select “My Compliances.”
  5. Select "My Training."
  6. Select "Enroll in Courses."
  7. Search for "Harassment Prevention."
  8. Select and complete the course that is most applicable to you.
  9. For your records, print a completion certificate.

The names of all UI staff/faculty members who have completed the on-line module will be captured in “My Training” and provided to the college/department for recordkeeping and reporting.

Employee Classification Type of SH Training Allowed Deadline to Complete SH Training
Assistant Professors, Lecturers, and Visitors with annual/multi-year appointments Instructor-led only By the end of the quarter in which they were hired
Staff (hold at least 50% appt.) Instructor-led or online By the end of the 6th month in which they were hired
Returning Lecturers, Tenured Professors, Adjunct Faculty (regardless of % FTE), Emeritus Professors with teaching assignments, Visitors with short-term (one semester) appts., and Post-docs Instructor-led or online By the end of the quarter in which they were hired
All TAs and any Graduate Research Assistants who deal with students in any capacity Instructor-led or online

By the 8th week (middle) of the semester in which they were hired. NOTE: Period coincides with evaluation for oral communication competence

Academic Administrative Officers (AAOs)— e.g., Associate Deans, Dean, Department Executive Officers, Directors Instructor-led or online By the end of the 2nd month of their appointment