P&S System Hiring Process

Please note: During the 2020-21 academic year, these policies, procedures, and practices will move to the CLAS Policies and Procedures website. At that time, this page will be discontinued.

See also: UI Recruitment Resources

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Procedures

When recruiting for P&S positions, the department must adhere to the procedures outlined in the Equal Opportunity & Diversity Recruitment Manual. The following description focuses on the documents to be submitted at each step of the recruitment process. See the EOD Search Activity Guide for P&S and faculty searches.

Initiating a P&S Search: Requisition and Recruitment Plan

  1. Log into the Employee Self-Service website using your HawkID and password.
  2. Click the "Administration" tab.
  3. Under the "Systems" tab, click "Jobs@UIOWA" to enter the HR Web Transaction System. (The training manual, which includes detailed instructions for completing the form, can be accessed from the lower right-hand corner of this page.)
  4. Under "Create a Requisition," select "Professional & Scientific."
  5. Complete the form as provided in the Training Manual (position number is required). Within the Requisition/Recruitment Plan, there are "Help" buttons which provide additional details about each field on the form.
  6. Attach a complete, detailed job description and an external ad.

If you need to establish a new position, you must first "Create a new Position" in the Position Management System.  Required attachments to the position management form are:

  • Complete job description
  • Departmental organizational chart
  • A letter to the appropriate administrative unit justifying the reasons for establishing and filling the new position

Information Management-Finance and Operations has also developed a function in the Position Management application for use when creating a new position that also needs to advertise in Jobs@Uiowa.  This function consolidates three previous steps into one, and creates a "pending" position number.  The application requires you to attach a local job description, and an org chart. This application is available through Self Service, Position Management (found under the Administration tab).

University Logo and Wordmark Advertising Requirement

University departments are required to use the wordmark and strongly encouraged to use both the UI logo and wordmark together in all printed job opening advertisements. The University identification by use of the logo and/or wordmark is intended to allow job seekers to identify job opportunities available at the University.

The Office of University Relations has supplied electronic images of the logo and wordmark to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Iowa City Press-Citizen, and Des Moines Register. When placing an ad with one of these newspapers, remind the newspaper that the University has supplied them with a wordmark and logo. If you have questions about this, you may contact Scott Ketelsen at scott-ketelsen@uiowa.edu or 4-0018.

After the Requisition/Recruitment plan is approved, the ad will be placed on the Jobs@UIOWA website, and the department may advertise externally.

Salary Advertising Options

Departments may advertise the vacancy by stating the minimum salary to commensurate for the position's pay grade. Other advertised salary options are available; however, the department must seek approval  from Kari Gates, CLAS Interim Director of Human Resources for other options.

Pre-Interview Audit

Throughout the advertising period, the applications may be reviewed by the chair or administrator of the search committee. Search committee members may access the applications once the chair "opens" the applicant information to the committee. (See the online Training Manual for roles and responsibilities of search committee members, chairs, and administrators.)

  1. Committee members rate applicants by logging on to their Employee Self Service page, selecting "Jobs@UIOWA," and clicking "Go to search committee Home" under "Search Committee Options." They should then select the radio button for the search they wish to access, then select "Rate Applicants." They may proceed to review and rate each applicant based on the advertised criteria, making sure to save pre-interview information for each applicant.
  2. Once search committee members have completed the rating process for each applicant, the chair or administrator must review the ratings and proceed to complete the Pre-Interview Report. The pre-interview Report requires an action code for each applicant.
  3. It is important that all information be reviewed carefully at this point. It is not necessary to complete all information for applicants with a rating of 4, however the committee must be prepared to justify those selected and those not selected for interview.
  4. The chair or administrator submits the pre-interview report for approval. A memo of justification must be attached to this report explaining the rationale of ratings. The report will be routed through Workflow. Once approved by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, the Search Chair will receive electronic notification of approval and may contact applicants to schedule interviews.

Search and Selection Summary

Prior to beginning the Search and Selection Summary, the search committee chair or administrator must update the post-interview rating codes. This post-interview rating is done for all candidates selected for interview. The chair will indicate which candidate has been selected for hire by clicking the radio button next to the candidate's name. There are several questions to answer on the form regarding this selection.

You are required to attach a letter of rationale of the hiring decision and a draft offer letter to this form.

The proposed salary must conform to the P&S Pay Plans and receive prior approval from Kari Gates, Interim Director of CLAS Human Resources.  If requested salary is above the median zone for that classification the DEO/administrative designee must enclose a letter to the Director of CLAS Human Resources providing reasons for the advanced starting salary request and route the form to Compensation/Classification for approval.

If the offer includes a non-standard probationary period or other non-standard status, the DEO/administrative designee must enclose a letter to the Director of CLAS Human Resources requesting the non-standard appointment.

Appointment Forms

When an offer of appointment has been accepted, the department submits an appropriate appointment form through the Human Resources transaction system. (Log into HR Self Service, click the "Administration" tab, then select "HR Transactions," which is listed under "Systems.")

When hiring a non-U.S. citizen who is not a U.S. permanent resident, the department should work closely with Faculty and Staff Immigration Services in Human Resources, 121 University Services Building, to apply for immigration status.

The department must submit the appointment papers via Workflow by the fifteenth day of the month in which the appointment is made in order to ensure that the appointee will receive salary payment on the first day of the following month.