Exceptional Performance Flexible Pay Awards

Flexible Pay shall be awarded for extra-meritorious performance that may include rewarding a variety of outcomes and behaviors e.g., project completion, sustained high level performance and revenue generation, etc. There are two types of Flexible Pay: (1) Exceptional Performance Awards, and (2) SPOT Performance Awards. Flexible Pay should not be used as a substitute for providing ongoing base adjustments that assure equitable and competitive salaries.

General Flexible Pay Award Criteria

  • All regular, non-organized Professional & Scientific employees are eligible for Exceptional Performance Awards.
  • An employee must have been employed at the University of Iowa in a regular position for one year to be eligible for an Exceptional Performance Award.
  • An employee must have a current (within past 12 months), Exceeds Expectations or Outstanding performance evaluation on file to be eligible for an Exceptional Performance Award.
  • Departments will be responsible for funding awards.
  • All Exceptional Performance Awards must be approved by the DEO and Dean’s Office. If an award is to be paid in any part by 500 or 510 funds, UI Compensation and Classification will route the transaction to Grant Accounting so they may review the payment request at the time the award is submitted for final approval.
  • Exceptional Performance Awards will be awarded in the form of a lump sum payment that is not added to the base salary.
  • An employee may receive up to 10% of their salary in Flexible Pay for Exceptional Performance Awards per fiscal year. All requests must be reviewed and approved by UI Compensation and Classification. 
  • An employee may receive Exceptional Performance Awards a maximum of two times per fiscal year with the total amount not to exceed 10% of the employee's base salary.
  • No more than 10% of a College or Division’s Professional & Scientific staff would be eligible to receive an Exceptional Performance Award in a given fiscal year.
  • Exceptional Performance nomination forms are to be submitted electronically.

Nomination Form for Exceptional Performance Flexible Pay Award

Request Form for SPOT Award