University-wide Staff Awards

University of Iowa Outstanding Staff Award

 Lance Bolton
CLAS Senior Director of Information Technology

CLAS Technology Services
Since joining the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) in Spring 2011, Lance has overseen a dramatic transformation in the College’s IT operations. Under his leadership, the CLAS Technology Services unit has reframed how it provides support for technology. This has led to dramatic improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and robustness of technical operations across the College, and in a substantial increase in the trust, respect, and appreciation of CLAS Technology Services by students, faculty, and staff. Lance has shown remarkable adeptness in planning during a highly volatile period of time, adjusting to changing circumstances with a clear vision of where the organization should be heading. He has helped CLAS units overcome critical problems and, as a result, units have confidence in him. He is an active and visible leader on campus, and has positioned CLAS as a model of how IT can and should be done at the collegiate level.

Board of Regents Staff Excellence Award

Eugene BuckEugene Buck
Facilities Manager
CLAS Administration

Eugene oversees construction, renovation, operations, and maintenance of more than 50 buildings, collectively housing over 1,000,000 assignable square feet of classrooms, teaching and research labs and studios, machine shops, performance spaces, and offices. He also manages replacement and acquisition of teaching equipment, from costume racks and lighting infrastructure in theater arts to spectrometers in chemistry. Eugene has been involved in 11 major construction and renovation projects totaling over $500 million, as well as many smaller projects to expand and modernize our teaching spaces and to create research laboratories for new hires. Over the last eight years, he has played a variety of critical roles in the response to and recovery from the flood of 2008. He was instrumental in coordinating the evacuation of millions of dollars of equipment and materials as the waters rose and creating temporary homes for displaced units, and he has been working with departments, Facilities Management, and architects throughout the design and construction of our brand-new fine arts buildings.

 Kate Conrad

Kate Conrad
Division of Performing Arts

Kate directs a staff of over 40 individuals engaged in administration, production, finance, and marketing. She is active across the university, working on committees and offering her assistance, and she is engaged across the state through Arts Share and through an ongoing effort to connect the university with community colleges. For the past eight years, Kate has supported the Division of Performing Arts as it recovered from the flood of 2008, which has involved multiple moves of entire units, departments, and schools. She has also provided leadership to the Arts Living Learning Community in our residence halls, as well as the Performing Arts Division’s First-Year Seminars, for which she has recruited, scheduled, guided, and supervised five to six faculty members each year. She is also active in the community, including serving as vice president of the Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance board, through which she can further strengthen partnerships between the UI and other organizations.