To see the full list of history courses scheduled for this semester, check the MyUI registration database. The History Department is department "HIST." Entering "HIST" for the department code will bring up unclassified courses, including all graduate courses. You may also search for courses by the name of the instructor.

Here is a link to a General Catalog of all History Courses, whether or not the course is being offered during the current semester.

ICON is the University of Iowa's course management system. Students get access to ICON course websites when they enroll in the class.  Depending on the instructor, the course ICON site may be used for posting of course materials such as assignments, exam review sheets, grades, readings, lecture outlines, images,and discussion questions.

Spring 2022 Courses:

HIST 3257 00011101 0AAA 1402 0AAA 1604 0AAA 2266 0001 2268 0AAA  3501 0001 3760 0001 1049 00011040 0006 2151 0004 3410 0001 HIST 4400 0001  HIST 4478 HIST 3256 HIST 1010 0001  HIST 2810 HIST 4412 HIST 4101  HIST 3267 HIST 3282