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Recent History Honors Theses


Harry Daley-Young – The Fall of Penn Central and the Rise of Conrail: Corporate Failure and the Politics of Deregulation and Nationalization in the 1970s

Sydney DeBoer — In Our Schools, In Our Stores, and In Our Homes; The Office of Price Administration, 1941-1947

Samuel Eck – The Emma Goldman Clinic: From Collectivism to Corporatism

Emma T Johnson – “One Day There Will Be No Such Thing as Religious Intolerance”: Anti-Catholicism During the Election of 1960

Benjamin Kimball – Severus of Antioch and the Anti-Chalcedonian Movement

Emily Lefeber – “Nothing Comes to Her Who Sits and Waits”: The League of Women Voters of Iowa and Citizenship After Woman Suffrage, 1920-1940

Benjamin Louviere – Beer and Spirit: A confluence of medieval traditions in brewing and monasticism

Cameron Moeller – Variably Innate: Inconsistent British Perceptions of Martial Races in the Late-Victorian Indian Army

Katlyn Rozovics — Passive Imperialists: The Imperial Attitudes in Ryse: Son of Rome

Clayton Saffran-Johnson – Money Talks: A History of Campaign Finance Reform in the 2000’s

Michael Steffen – Offensive to the Majority: The Formation, Activism, and Survival of the Iowa City Gay Liberation Front, 1970-1999




Audrey Brock — She’s Lost Control: Portrayals of Mentally Ill Women in Mid-20th Century Popular Culture

Ethan Everhart — Comstock, Comedy and Conservatism

Gwyneth Forsythe — Girl Guides in the First World War:  Claiming a Place in the Public Sphere

Olivia Kane — Prophecy for the Nation: Thomas of Erceldoune’s Prophetic Legacy in the Scottish Wars of Independence and Beyond

Mila Kaut — “Go on, thou brave woman leader”: Churchwomen, Churchbuilding, and Print Culture in the Construction of Black Citizen Identities in Iowa, 1868-1900
Winner of the Stow Persons Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in History

Sarah Lauer — Honor and Shame in the Sagas of the Icelanders:  Women’s Struggle for Influence

Joseph Steinbronn — Reviewing the Robertson Commission and Mwambao on the Kenyan Coast

Zhonghua Wang — Concentration, Pollution and Regulation: Iowa Hog Production from 1978 to 2017



Evan Bittner — The Socialization of Socialism: Radical Leftist Periodicals in Iowa and the Midwest, 1895-1920

Katherine Boyd — Partial Suffrage in Iowa: 1894

Allison Buser — The Andreae System: Defending Brewing Interests and Consolidating German-American Political Power In the 1914 Iowa State Elections

Abby Dockum — "Upon the Fields of Friendly Strife”:  The Role of Sport at the Iowa Pre-Flight School, 1942-1945 (Winner of the Stow Persons Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in History)

Rebekah Gansemer — Opposing Tyranny: White Resistance against the Rhodesian Front (1965–1977) (Winner of the Stow Persons Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in History)

Cindy Garcia — A Turf Issue: Mexican American Perspectives on Interactions with African Americans in Davenport, 1949-1972

Morgan Hebert — The Monster study: A Case Study in ethical research practices

Brian Miner — 1965 Communist Purge in Indonesia, U.S. Foreign Relations in Indonesia

Paige Mitchell — Reconsidering the Rhetoric of Cultural Display: A Look at the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History’s Meskwaki Diorama

Megan Ryan — Herbert Hoover & the American Relief Administration’s Efforts in Soviet Russia, 1921-1923; Anti-Soviet Sentiment Stymies Success

Julia Rohn — Creating the Encomium: The Progression of Emma of Normandy’s Political Career

Joshua Stringer — The Greatest American Comeback: Harry S. Truman and the 1948 Election



Cormac Broeg — Killing Buter's Bloodhounds: Iowa Soldiers and an Act of Political Violence in Reconstruction South Carolina (Winner of the Stow Persons Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in History)

Forest R. Johnson III — The Uncrowned King: Axel Oxenstierna and Sweden's Rise to Power During the Thirty Years War

Katelyn Zingg — Civil War Prison Escapes



Taylor Finch — "Powerless, With a Guitar": Music and Student Protest at the University of Iowa: 1965-1971

Ryan Kunkle — Hanc [Animam] Tu Exerce Optimis in Rebus: Cicero's Use of a Platonic Rhetorical Framework to Provide a Spiritual Justification of His Political Philosophy (Winner of the Stow Persons Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in History)

Xiao Albert Wang — Into Modernity: Political Struggle and Transition during the Late Qing Dynasty

Abigail Weaver — Establishing an Institution: The Public Library Movement in Iowa 1900-1920



Catherine Babikian — Our multi-racial way of life? Immigration, disease, and identity in Britain, 1958–1983

Sylvia Bochner — “Here is Why I Love the Fight”: Gender, Labor and Family in the Letters of Pearl McGill

Quinn M. Hejlik — Slovak Questions and Communist Answers: The Communist Czechoslovak Government's Response to Slovak National Identity Following the Prague Spring of 1968

Maureen Owens — "Justice, Temper, Magnanimity, and Judgment": Classical Influences on the Public Persona of Elizabeth I

Scott Pate — “Cram Your Spam”: Ottumwa and the P-9 Hormel Strike of 1985-86 

Emily J. Pettit — Aborigines’ Dreaming or Britain’s Terra Nullius: Perceptions of Land Use in Colonial Australia

Matthew Rechtoris — Eugenical Legislation and Sterilization in Iowa:  1911-1977,  From Francis Galton, Buck v. Bell (1927), to the Iowa Board of Eugenics

Ashley Wiser — “Dear John Letters":  A Study of American Break-Ups Via Mail During World War II (Winner of the Stow Persons Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in History)