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The Writing Center has a number of handouts that can help you with your writing. We can offer advice to get you started, help with refining a draft, and give tips on taking examinations. Click on the menu to the left or any of the topics below.

Tips for a Great History Writing Center Appointment: For Authors

Experiencing the terror of the blank page? Need a way to get your ideas rolling? Check out:

Do you feel like you are just about finished writing you paper? Before you turn it in, make sure you have all your bases covered.

Not sure what your instructors mean when they say you need to make an argument in a paper? Need advice on how to refine your existing thesis? Link to our page on:

Need advice on how to best organize your paper? We've got ideas:

Puzzled by passive voice? At a loss about tenses? Try working through our self-help handout before reading our solutions.

Confused about plagiarism, paraphrasing or citation? Read our advice on:

Need to know the difference between primary and secondary sources? We can help:

Want tips on how to perform well under pressure? Feel constrained by the time you have to write exams? See our tips:

Want some tips for taking notes in a lecture class, in a way that will help you study for writing essay exams or essays? Click on:

Not sure how to write a book review? Check out: