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Patrick Brady

PhD Candidate
Colonial/Revolutionary Era America
167 Schaeffer Hall
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Patrick E. Brady writes on economic and social factions in Revolutionary America. He focuses primarily on loyalists in southern New England. His current research seeks to understand how loyalists’ individual and group identities—gender, kin, class, religion, and race—motivated their political and military participation. He is particularly interested in the lived experiences of dispossessed, itinerant loyalists. This work contributes to the ongoing conversation on loyalism within the diverse colonial and early republican population, including ethno-religious minorities, Natives, and enslaved and free African-Americans.

Patrick E. Brady is pursuing a PhD in History at the University of Iowa. He earned an MA in History (2018) from the University of Iowa and a BA in History (Delta Upsilon, 2017) from Northern Illinois University. He currently serves as Treasurer of the Graduate History Society.