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Gisela Argote

Gisela Argote
PhD Student
Migration and Immigration in Mexico
380 Schaeffer Hall
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Gisela Argote is a Ph.D. student in the history department at the University of Iowa. Her current work is an extension of her award-winning undergraduate capstone paper that explores Mexico’s reluctance to accept Jewish refugees from the Third Reich and their willingness to accept Spanish Republicans in the same era. Relying on extensive government documents, letters, and oral histories in both Spanish and English, she highlights the racialized and contradicting immigration laws established by the Mexican government from 1929-1945. Gisela is interested in the history of Jews in 20th century Mexico and the interrelation between Mexico and the German state in the Nazi era. More of her interests include Modern Europe, Holocaust studies, transatlantic fascism/history, and migration. She is an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow and was also awarded the Lulu Merle Johnson Fellowship.