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Undergrad, Kristen Vogel's Snap Shot of Non-STEM Research

Senior honors student, Kristen Vogel

Kristin Vogel, a senior honors student at the University of Iowa, spent the summer as a research assistant with history Professor Nick Yablon. There is often a misconception that research is reserved for STEM majors, but Vogel’s experience with research in a non-STEM field is just one of many great examples of undergraduate opportunities in the humanities majors. 

“Experiential learning, especially research within any discipline, not only gives one the ability to grow as a scholar in their field, but also provides important personal insights, including how one works best and how to work with others in a collaborative setting.”

Read more about her experience researching photographs of Broadway taken between 1880 and 1920 by amateur, hobby photographer Charles G. Hine, on Note to Self, a blog for Iowa honor's students. Kristin plans to graduate in May 2022, with a BA in Anthropology and Spanish and a Minor in History.


Vintage image by Charles G. Hine   Vintage image of Broadway by Charles G Hine   Vintage image by Charles G. Hine