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Spring Undergraduate Research Festival 2019


Zachary Dierks
A Legacy Etched in Stone: An Examination of Lithic Technology at Woodpecker Cave
Majors: Anthropology, History
Mentor: James Enloe (Anthropology)

Sarah Francisco
Virtual Reality and Ease of Haptic Imagery
Majors: Marketing, History
Mentor: Andrea Luangrath (Marketing)

Cameron Moeller; Jiangchun Xu
Picking up the Pieces: Analysis of Human Behavior Through Artifact Distribution
Majors: Anthropology, History, International Relations, Mathematics
Mentor: James Enloe (Anthropology)

Maizy Fugate, Keely Kinsella, and Jacqueline O'Neill
Preservation of the John and Phil Palmquist Collection from Southwestern Iowa
Major: Anthropology, History
Mentor: Jon Doershuk (Office of the State Archaeologist)


Four undergraduate students with History majors presented at the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF):  (pictured left to right) Sarah Francisco (Marketing/History); Cameron Moeller (Anthro/History) and Jiangchun Xu; Keeley Kinsella, Jacqueline O'Neill (Anthro/History), and Maizy Fugate; Zachary Dierks (Anthro/History)