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Jeremy Kingsbury, Post-Comp Fellow

Jeremy Kingsbury in front of Leech Lake Tribal College

Dedicated research time this summer and fall has taken PhD Candidate Jeremy Kingsbury across the globe.  This travel and research time were made possible by the Charles F. Strong History Fellowship during the summer and the Graduate College’s Post Comprehensive Fellowship during the fall semester.

Kicking off the first of his trips, Jeremy made a trip to the Orkney Islands in Scotland.  While there, he gave a presentation hosted by the Stromness Museum and the John Rae Society at the Stromness Town Hall.  After some time at home writing, he spent three weeks in Winnipeg doing research at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives and the Two-Spirit Archives housed at the University of Winnipeg.  In addition to some great research, he was trapped by one of the most damaging blizzards in October Manitoba had ever seen.  Making it back to the states, he took a short trip to the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota where he was a guest speaker in Ojibwe language classes at Leech Lake Tribal College and the Cass Lake-Bena High School. In early November, he headed back to Canada although this time to Toronto to use the Archives of Ontario, then down to Ottawa to visit the Library and Archives of Canada. 

Beaver on screen during a speech.  Scottish countryside.

John Rae Tomb Archives from du Séminaire de Québec.

Jeremy Kingsbury working.