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Amazing FURF Participation by History Students

Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates

This year history had 12 undergraduates from the department presenting their work at the Fall Undergraduate Research Festival.  That was more than any other department on campus.  While we’re not one of the largest majors on campus and frequently undergraduate research is viewed as a STEM only experience, we were excited to see the department lead the way for student participation. 

Below are the 12 history students and their research.  To view the research abstracts, click here.

Table displaying 12 history students and their research.

Thanks to efforts led by Professors Alyssa Park and Tyler Priest, Honors Research thesis has become very popular with our high-achieving majors.  Based on early enrollment for the Honors Research Seminar for Spring 2020, we will have at least as many participating at FURF next year and probably more.  This is made possible by both world-class archives in the vicinity and dynamic faculty to mentor the students.  We also are fortunate to have several scholarships endowed by retired faculty and alumni to fund student research. 

The faculty and staff have worked hard at promoting undergraduate research to majors as well as to prospective students and families, who come away impressed with our program.  Over the past year, Colin Gordon, Kyle McEvilly, Ty Priest and other faculty have met 1:1 with over 100 prospective students.  Of those students who end up coming to the university, 78% declare history as their major. 

Images of all 12 students in Fall Undergraduate Research Center.
Pictured above (advisor following student name). Top Row (L to R): Harry Daley-Young (Prof Ty Priest), Sydney DeBoer (Prof Colin Gordon), Samuel Eck (Prof Lina-Maria Murillo), Emma Johnson (Prof Gordon), Benjamin Kimball (Prof Michael Moore), Emily Lefeber (Prof Landon Storrs). Bottom Row (L to R): Benjamin Louviere (Prof M. Moore), Cameron Moeller (Prof Emeritus Paul Greenough), Katlyn Rozovics (Prof Rosemary Moore), Clayton Saffran-Johnson (Prof Gordon), Michael Steffen (Prof Leslie Schwalm), Allison Steger (Heidi Lung, Museum Studies)