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  • Teaching and Writing Center

    Our teaching and writing center provides advice and materials for graduate students on how to teach history effectively at the college level. The Center serves undergraduates in all history courses with consultations about writing projects.
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  • Iowa Historical Review

    The Iowa Historical Review is the premier online undergraduate history journal at the University of Iowa. Founded in 2006, it is dedicated to providing an intellectual forum for undergraduate historians in the Midwest.
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  • History Corps

    Through the art of storytelling and open conversations, Humanities Story Corps is a listening program that demonstrates the value of the humanities in our everyday lives. We promote dialogue between the University of Iowa community and the state of Iowa.
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  • Public History by UI Historians

    Faculty activities presenting history to the larger public audience, through podcasts, blogs, and op-ed pieces.
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  • Rapid Response History

    Confused by the news? History’s Rapid Responders are here to help! Come learn the story behind the story in this lecture series featuring some of UI’s most dynamic faculty members. Every semester we focus on a different theme.
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