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Teaching Resources

There are many resources available to graduate students to increase both knowledge and skills in the teaching arena.  The first line of development will be your History Advisor; here are some secondary options to help:

Department Resources

Rhetoric Department

  • The Graduate Pedagogy Studio (GPS) is a new way to take your teaching in new directions.  Drop in hours are every Friday, Noon - 2pm in 110 EPB (Writing Center) and you can chat with an experienced instructor about your teaching, generate fresh ideas for your classroom, or get input on lesson plans or assignments.
  • Speaking Resources for Instructors who want to work on their public speaking skills.
  • Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning (IDEAL) works with instructors to make classroom innovation easier and to improve outcomes for students.
  • The Writing Center assists with writing projects at any stage of development. Services are free and available to all undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty in all disciplines.
  • The Speaking Center offers quality one-on-one instruction and small group tutoring, and consultation to students and instructors on campus who would like to work on any aspect of oral communication.

Center for Teaching

Center for Teaching offers pedagogical resources, professional development opportunities, and individual assistance for TAs and Graduate Instructors

Graduate College

The Grad College offers the nondepartmental courses for a variety of reasons to assist graduate students throughout their career

  • Seminar in College Teaching (Grad 6217) is a course designed primarily for graduate students planning to teach in their professional career.  This course will be offered this spring and fall (2 sections each semester).  Classroom time will be spent on instruction involving techniques and strategies for teaching adult learners.   Additionally, discussions of the classroom issues seminar students are facing in their teaching experiences will take place each week (although not all students will be currently teaching).  Each student will write a teaching philosophy statement at the end of the course.  This course is a popular choice for those planning to earn the Graduate College Certificate in College Teaching.

  • Practicum: College Teaching for TAs (CLAS 5100) is a one sh graduate course that offers support and guidance for TAs seeking to develop and advance their skills as teachers at the college level.  The class includes a pre-semester workshop the Friday before classes start and 7 weekly meetings to develop effective teaching materials in their area of discipline; manage a range of classroom dynamics and formats; respond to and evaluate student work, and assess student learning; recognize a variety of learning styles and the diversity of student experiences and identities; create inclusive, learner-centered, collaboration-rich classroom environments; and devise a teaching approach based on personal strengths and current best practices in the field.

The Grad College also offers many Professional Development Resources

College of Education

Offers a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching to provide the necessary coursework and supervised experiences to prepare graduate students for careers in post-secondary education.