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Guide to Graduate Study

The Guide to Graduate Study, is your essential source for guidelines, requirements, and advice related to the MA and PhD degrees. Students should maintain ongoing communication with their advisors and the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) about their progress through the program and consult regularly with faculty mentors and the DGS about any questions that arise. Below are the Graduate Guides applicable to students currently in the history graduate program.

Guides to Graduate Study (based on Academic Year started):
AY 2020 (and beyond)    AY 2017
AY 2019                            AY 2016
AY 2018                            AY 2015

Graduate Certificate Programs

A number of interdisciplinary Graduate Certificates are available to enhance your graduate education in History, including Book Studies, College Teaching, Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies, Global Health Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, and more.

Graduate College Rules & Regulations

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