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Job Placement Data for Recent Doctoral Program Graduates

Placement graph 2007-2017

The Department of History has seen success with employment of our recent doctoral program graduates.  Review of the graph below shows records of the job placement over the past ten years of graduates with the PhD degree.

Universities and Colleges employing our recent graduates for tenure-track academic positions include:

The Citadel, University of Alabama, Denison University, University of Texas-El Paso, Gallaudet University, Purdue University, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Spelman College, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, University of North Dakota, Morgan State University, Upper Iowa University, Tulane University, University of Fukui (Japan), Allegheny College, Wayne State College, Bridgewater College, Pennsylvania State University-Altoona, SUNY-Geneseo, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Louisville, Luther College.

Some doctoral program graduates are working in visiting faculty positions or in postdoctoral fellowships until the right tenure-track opportunity comes along.

For some doctoral students, the non-academic route is more suited to their career goals.  These graduates may decide to work for a non-profit organization or another industry/business.  Recent placements include:  Huron Valley Labor Federation AFL-CIO, High Desert Museum, Vantage Point Historical Services, Inc., the U.S. Department of Education, among others.

Our graduate program offers many different avenues to take as you discover your preferred career path.