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Work alongside faculty in a lab setting to explore how research is designed, conducted, and measured. Research also includes honors thesis projects that can offer students opportunities to design and conduct their own research. This is an arranged project between a faculty member and a student.  

Gaining experience in HHP Labs is a great way to build skills in research methods. To gain a position in an HHP Lab, explore the HHP Labs and connect directly with lab staff. 

Research Professional Defined

Provide support for research by conducting experiments, investigations or evaluations. Collect and analyze data and perform operational duties associated with the laboratory (bench and field), animal or human subjects research, or theoretical investigation. Research in the natural, health, physical and social sciences is included in this job family. Incumbents in this job family typically are involved in one or more aspects of conducting research or may manage/direct staff responsible for conducting research. Requires scientific and research expertise

Performance Objectives Include:

  • Read and understand protocols
  • Perform research activities based upon protocols developed by the research team
  • Analyze literature to develop hypotheses for discussion
  • Set up and operate research materials or equipment
  • Recruit, consent and enroll research subjects
  • Adhere to safety and compliance guidelines
  • Collect, record and consolidate data as directed by the Principal Investigator
  • Track progress of research activities
  • Adhere to Quality Assurance protocols to maintain validity and integrity of research data
  • perform data entry for reports and maintain records of methods used
  • Prepare bibliographies and abstracts for publications
  • Assist in the preparation, calibration, and maintenance of laboratory and facility equipment