Applied Courses

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Faculty guided experiences in and outside the classroom to further apply the content of the course to the real-world. Applied learning includes specific courses (indicated on your program website), field experiences, and guided practicum. Applied courses with HHP are a great way to apply what students have learned in the classroom to real-life situations. To learn more about what HHP applied courses there are, check the table below. To gain more insight on what each applied course entails, check out student testimonials here (hyperlink) and/or the Community Health Teaching Lab website here. 

Applied Courses Student Checklist 

Step 1: Check the list of applied courses listed in the table below and see what ones you may be interested in. You can get into contact with the internship director, Erin Litton (, if you have any questions about specific opportunities.  

Step 2: Once you determine what courses you are interested in, make sure that you have completed all required prerequisites for that applied course. Prerequisites are listed below for each applied course.  

Step 3: Follow these specific steps to apply for your internship and/or practicum. 


Applied Courses available:  

  • HHP:3420 Practicum in Health Education & Outreach3 s.h. (Prerequisites: HHP:2200 and HHP:2310)  
  • HHP:3820 Guided Practicum: Worksite Wellness (Prerequisites: HHP:3200 or HHP:3400 or HHP:4040) 
  • HHP:4365 Practicum in Health Coaching 3 s.h. (Prerequisites: HHP:4020)