Therapeutic Recreation Scholarships

Steve Goff Scholarship

The Department is pleased to announce the availability of two scholarships available to therapeutic recreation and sport and recreation management students founded in memory of Dr. Steve Goff, professor of leisure studies who died prematurely of cancer. Dr. Goff was a caring, active, and engaged professor who lived his life to the fullest and is remembered for his community service and love of physical challenges. We invite you to apply for the Dr. Steve Goff Scholarship.

Steve engaged life, not waiting for it to invite him in. He was a superb athlete in high school in several sports and afterwards as a golfer, marathon competitor and biking participant. Steve won his share of events, but more importantly, firmly believed that recreational activities should involve all abilities and ages no matter how skilled or where one placed. Steve was a strong supporter of participation of everyone; he was a true recreation professional with a robust dedication to public service. “Life is not a spectator sport” served as Steve’s mantra.

Steve died of cancer in 1998 at the young age of 43. Each year the Steve Goff Scholarships are awarded to students who articulate and demonstrate an engaged and examined life of service.

Steve Goff Scholarship Application Process

Applications are due by 11:59pm on February 10.

Each applicant must include a short essay that will be attached to the application survey (link below). The 500-word essay should explain how the applicant embodies Steve Goff’s philosophy of an engaged and examined life of service. The essay must specifically address the ideals Steve was committed to: how using leisure is used to foster a lifestyle based upon health and fitness, challenge and adventure, education, and service to others.

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