Certificate for Event Planning

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The certificate requires the completion of a minimum of 21 semester hours and is open to any undergraduate enrolled at The University of Iowa regardless of college affiliation. Particular courses may be cross-listed between the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) and Sport and Recreation Management (SRM). 

The Certificate in Event Planning requires the following course work.

Core Courses - 6 semester hours

One of these:

  • EVNT:3154/JMC:3154 Foundations of Event Management (3 s.h.)
  • SRM:3154 Foundations of Event Management (3 s.h.)

And one of these:

  • EVNT:3260/JMC:3260 Event Planning Workshop (consult advisor) (3 s.h.)
  • SRM:3147 Sport Event Management  (3 s.h.)

Internship - 3 semester hours (must complete above core coursework as pre-requisite to internship)

  • EVNT:2110/JMC:2110 Internship in Event Planning (3 s.h.)
  • SRM:4197 Sport and Recreation Field Experience (3 s.h.)

Focused Electives - 12 semester hours (each course below is 3 s.h.)

  • SRM:2065 The Experience Economy 
  • SRM:3147 Sport Event Management (if not used to satisfy core requirement)
  • SRM:3158 Sport and Recreation Promotion
  • SRM:3175 Sales in Sport
  • SRM:3178 Communiation and Public Relations in Sport
  • SRM:4197 Sport & Recreation Field Experience (if not used to satisfy internship requirement)
  • JMC:2200 Communication and Public Relations (This course is a pre-requisite for upper-level JMC course work.)
  • FPC:3185/JMC:3100 Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication
  • FPC:3100/JMC:3101 Fundraising Fundamentals
  • JMC:3126 Social Media Marketing
  • JMC:3181/SPST:3181 The Business of Sports Communication
  • EVNT:3185 Topics in Event Planning
  • EVNT:3260/JMC:3260 Event Planning Workshop (if not used to satisfy core requirement)
  • ARTS:1070 Elements of Graphic Design
  • COMM:1809 Social Marketing Campaigns
  • COMM:1816 Business and Professional Communication
  • COMM:1818 Leadership and Organizational Procedures
  • COMM:1819 Organizational Leadership
  • COMM:1830 Solving Public Problems: Dialogue & Deliberation for Democracy
  • COMM:2044 Political Communication
  • ENTR:1350 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • ENTR:3595 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
  • MGMT:3500 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
  • MUSM:3500 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
  • NURS:3595 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
  • RELS:3700 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
  • SSW:3500 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
  • MKTG:3000 Introduction to Marketing Strategy (pre-requisite: ECON:1100)
  • MKTG:4275 Social Media Marketing (special permission and pre-requisite: MKTG:3000)
  • POLI:3202 Political Psychology
  • POLI:3602 New Media & Politics
  • THTR:3270 Entertainment Design

*Note: Students may take only two elective courses at the 1000 level.  Also, some pre-requisites apply. JMC:2200 is a pre-requisite for entry into upper-division JMC courses. ECON:1100 is a pre-requisite for entry into MKTG:3000. To enroll in MKTG:4275, which is a major-level course in the College of Business, students must get special permission via an online form.  If students have taken MKTG:3000, and space permitting, students will receive permission to enroll during the second week of early registration.