Certificate for Event Management

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Students with interests in planning and executing gatherings of people, coordinating competitions and events, and collaborating with multiple partners and organizations are encouraged to learn more about the Certificate in Event Management. Much of what Sport and Recreation Management professionals do revolves around competitions and gatherings of people for physical activity. A knowledge of event management supports industry professionals in their area of expertise. 

The Certificate in Event Management requires the following coursework. 

The undergraduate Certificate in Event Management requires a minimum of 21 s.h. of credit, including at least 6 s.h. in EVNT prefix coursework. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in coursework for the certificate. The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program. 

Students take EVNT:3154 Foundations of Event Management or SRM:3154 Foundations of Event Management prior to registering for EVNT:3260 Event Management Workshop or SRM:3147 Sport Event Management. Students must complete both core courses before registering for their internship. 

Some of the certificate courses have prerequisites not included in the certificate requirements. Students should select courses for which they have met the prerequisites. 

Core Courses - 6 Semester Hours (s.h.)

  1. SRM: 3154 (Foundations of Event Management) or EVNT:3154 (Foundations of Event Management) 
  2. SRM:3147 (Sport Event Management) or EVNT:3260 (Event Management Workshop) 

Internship - 3 semester hours (Students must successfully complete the certificate core course requirements prior to enrollment in the internship)

  1. SRM:4197 Sport and Recreation Field Experience (3 s.h.)

Focused Electives - 12 semester hours (each course below is 3 s.h.)

Students must earn a minimum of 12 s.h. from the Certificate in Event Management’s list of focused electives. 6 s.h. of focused elective coursework must be numbered 2000 or above with no more than two courses at the 1000 level. 

  • Select SRM focused electives include: SRM: 2065 (The Experience Economy); SRM:3147 (Sport Event Management, if not used to satisfy core requirement); SRM:3158 (Sport and Recreation Promotion); SRM:3175 (Sales in Sport); SRM:3178 (Communications and Public Relations in Sport); SRM:4197 (SRM Field Experience, if not used to satisfy internship requirement)  
  • Select EVNT focused electives include: EVNT:3160 (Crisis Management); EVNT: 3170 (Venue Management); EVNT:3185 (Topics in Event Management); EVNT:3260 (Event Management Workshop, if not used to satisfy core requirement) 
  • Additional focused electives include courses in ARTS, BUS, COMM, ENTR, JMC, and MKTG.