Interscholastic Athletics/Activities Administration

Online Certificate Also Available!

In February 2015, the Iowa State Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE) made arule change to Iowa Code 282-22.8 (272), allowing individuals who do not have a teaching degree to become Authorized Athletics/Activities Administrators. Individuals who have completed a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution in the Sport Management area, with a focus on Athletics/Activities Administration, are now able to hold an acting role within schools across the state of Iowa. The Interscholastic Athletic/Activities Administration Certificate provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to focus a segment of their studies on extracurricular activities at the interscholastic level. Combining experiential learning and networking opportunities with academic coursework, students will be prepared to enter a school district prepared and confident to succeed in Athletic/Activities Administration roles. 

The certificate requires completion of 21 semester hours, detailed below. Students completing the certificate in conjunction with the the B.S. in Sport and Recreation Management may not count more than 6 s.h. earned from their major area of study toward the certificate. The only exception is for those pairing this with the Coaching and Sport Instruction Concentration area, which is recommended.

Core Courses - 12 semester hours (all courses in this list)

  • SRM:3148 Activities and Athletics Administration (3 s.h.) 
  • SRM:3700 Ethics in Sport (3 s.h.) 
  • SRM:3800 Sport Law for Interscholastic AD (3 s.h.) 
  • EPLS:4200 Diversity and Inclusion in Athletics (3 s.h.) 

Field Experience - 3 semester hours

  • SRM:4196 (3 s.h.) Interscholastic Athletic Admin Field Experience - must be with an athletic administrator. SRM:3148 is recommended pre-requisite.

Focused Electives - 6 semester hours (two courses) from this list

  • SRM:2065 The Experience Economy
  • SRM:3020/INTD:3027 Nutrition in Health and Performance
  • SRM:3147 Sport Event Management
  • SRM:3149 Coaching Theory, Body Struc & Human Development*
  • SRM:3152 Design and Management of Sport and Recreation Facilities
  • SRM:3155 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries*
  • SRM:3158 Sport and Recreation Promotion
  • SRM:3176 Sports Analytics 
  • SRM:3178 Communications and Public Relations in Sports
  • EDTL:3114 Parent-Child Relationships
  • EDTL:4940 Characteristics of Disabilities
  • EPLS:4180 Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher
  • EPLS:6201 Foundations of Leadership
  • PSQF:1075 Educational Psychology and Measurement
  • PSQF:1156 Program Evaluation
  • PSQF:4134/EDTL:4934 Parent-Teacher Communication
  • COMM:1819 Organizational Leadership
  • HHP:2500 Psychological Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
  • JMC:2200 Communication and Public Relations
  • JMC:5420 Social Media and Online Communication

*  These courses are strongly recommended for students pursuing the certificate. The BoEE requires an applicant for the Interscholastic Administration Authorization to have a coaching authorization or endorsement. Upon completion, this combination of courses allows students to apply for State of Iowa coaching authorization. 

For more information or to start planning certificate completion, contact Mike Winker, Lecturer - or Anna Jensen, Director, Office of Field Experience in Sport and Recreation Management.