Coaching Authorization

Do you have an interest in coaching at the high school or middle school level in Iowa?

Maybe you want to help out at your high school or make some extra money this summer or during the school year.

Becoming a licensed coach in the state of Iowa is the first step and now you can earn that license right along with your current classes at UIowa. 

Changes in requirements from the Board of Educational Examiners are reflected in both:

  • SRM 3149: Coaching Theory, Body Structuring & Human Development 
  • SRM 3155: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

These classes are both offered in the spring semester and will be offered each fall and spring. You have the opportunity to take both classes online this spring and be licenced to coach a summer sport. 

After completion, you will need to fill out the paper work and complete the background check with the State Board of Educational Examiners. You WILL NOT need to take an exam. Because the classes run the full semester, you will not need additional contact hours to meet the state licensing requirements. 

Search by course department “SRM” and number “3149" & "3155” here for open sections and to get on your way to be a licensed middle or high school coach in the state of Iowa.

Courses are open to students in any major.