Human Physiology, B.S. Curriculum

Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology

The BS in Human Physiology requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including 62 s.h. of work for the major (31 s.h. in health and human physiology, and 31 s.h. in required cognates). Students also must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Program.

Students majoring in human physiology (B.S.) may not earn a second major in health and human physiology (B.A.).

Human Physiology Curriculum


All of these:

HHP:2200 Physical Activity and Health 3 s.h.
HHP:3115 Anatomy for Human Physiology w/ Lab 5 s.h.
HHP:3550 Human Physiology w/ Lab 5 s.h.

At least 18 s.h. from these, of which at least 12 s.h. must be in HHP course work:

Course                                Prerequisite      
HHP:3230/PSY:3230 Psychopharmacology Physiology  
HHP:3300 Human Growth and Motor Development None  
HHP:3450 Immunology in Health and Disease Physiology  
HHP:3900 Writing for Health and Human Physiology None  
HHP:4110 Advanced Human Anatomy Laboratory HHP:3110 or HHP:3115  
HHP:4130 Skeletal Muscle Physiology Physiology   
HHP:4150 Clinical Exercise Physiology Physiology  
HHP:4200 Metabolic Exercise Testing and Prescription Physiology +PA & Health  
HHP:4210 Musculoskeletal Exercise Testing and Prescription Physiology +PA & Health  
HHP:4220 Biomechanics of Human Motion Anatomy & Physics  
HHP:4250 Human Pathophysiology Physiology  
HHP:4260 Respiratory Pathophysiology Physiology  
HHP:4300 Sensorimotor Neurophysiology Physiology  
HHP:4410 Exercise Physiology Physiology   
HHP:4440 Physiology of Nutrition Physiology  
HHP:4450 Human Genetics and Disease Physiology  
HHP:4460 Cardiovascular Physiology Physiology  
HHP:4465 Environmental Exercise Physiology Physiology  
HHP:4470/ASP:4470 Physiology of Aging Physiology  
HHP:4480/PHAR:4480 Introduction to Human Pharmacology Physiology  
HHP:4490 International Medicine: Experiential Learning    
HHP:4500 Undergraduate Independent Study    
HHP:4510 Energy Metabolism in Health and Disease Physiology  
HHP:4900 Honors Research HHP:4800  
BIOC:3110 Biochemistry Chem + Biology   
BIOL:2211 Genes, Genomes, and the Human Condition    
BIOL:2254 Endocrinology Biology  
BIOL:2512 Fundamental Genetics Biology  
BIOL:2723 Cell Biology Biology  
BIOL:2753 Introduction to Neurobiology Biology  
MICR:2157 General Microbiology Biology  
MICR:2158 General Microbiology Laboratory Biology  
MICR:3168 Viruses and Human Disease 3 s.h. Biology  
SOC:3510 Medical Sociology    

May include one of these:

PSY:2130 Advanced Psychology for Pre-Medical Track

PSY:2930 Abnormal Psychology: Health Professions



8 s.h. required - BIOL:1411 Foundations of Biology and BIOL:1412 Diversity of Form & Function

8 s.h. required - CHEM:1110 Prin of Chem I and CHEM:1120 Prin of Chem II

4 s.h. required - MATH:1460 Calculus Biological Sciences, MATH:1850 Calculus I, or MATH:1550 Engineering Math I

8 s.h. required - PHYS:1511 College Physics I and PHYS:1512 College Physics II

3 s.h. required - STAT:3510 Biostats, STAT:4143 / PSQF:4143 Intro Stat Methods, or STAT:2010 Stat Methods & Computing


HHP:4800 Honors Research I   2 s.h. (Fall)
HHP:4900 Honors Research II   3 s.h. (Spring)
Also requires an Honors thesis and oral presentation. 
Note: HHP:4800 Honors Research I does not count toward the 18 s.h. of major electives.