Nicholas Young

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Nicholas Young

Hello my name is Nicholas Young; I am a new graduate student at the University of Iowa studying Sport and Recreation Management. I obtained my undergraduate degree (also in Sport and Recreation Management) from Western Michigan University. My hometown is Fort Bragg, North Carolina but I did most of my growing up in Brooklyn, Michigan. My career goal after finishing up my M.A. is to obtain an administrative role in a college’s athletic department in either compliance or academic services working with academically at-risk student-athletes.  

My current TA/RA duties:  Graduate teaching assistant for two Sport and Recreation Management undergraduate classes

Personal Hobbies:    My personal hobbies include snowboarding, bowling, and fishing. 

What you like most about the HHP graduate program:   It might only be my first semester, but I really enjoy how accepting and helpful everyone is in the program. I also really like how supportive my professors have been of both my educational and professional goals, they seem to really go above and beyond.