Why We Give / Support UISRM (1 Day for Iowa 2019)

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The University of Iowa Sport and Recreation Management program is privileged to benefit from such a diverse and broad community of support. One of the reasons we give is to demonstrate our appreciation for the various stakeholders whose financial participation creates opportunities for students.

Our support of UISRM through the UI Center for Advancement came on 1 Day for Iowa from 58 unique donors. The campaign and program provides a platform for that support to grow year over year. On 1 Day for Iowa, UISRM was among the most supported programs as evidenced by the following outcomes:

  • UISRM finished in 5th place among all programs in the Participation Challenge. Through that success, the program received an additional $3,500 from the UI Center for Advancement.
  • UISRM won the Sunrise Challenge. Through that victory, the program received an additional $2,000 from the UI Center for Advancement.
  • Thanks to gifts from recent alumni, UISRM received $405 in matching gifts through the Baker’s Matching Challenge.
  • UISRM won a photo challenge worth $250 for a UI-themed photo on Twitter posted by a supporter with the #1DayforIowa hashtag that tagged the UISRM program.

Teaching at the college level in sport and recreation management feels as much an avocation as it is a vocation. We are humbled that so many students, alumni, family, friends and industry professionals support opportunities for the students that we make a big part of our lives.

Anna and Packy with Molly BreitbachWhen we think about the ‘3 T’s of stewardship’, time, talent and treasure play equally supporting roles in developing UISRM into the best possible program to serve the needs of the students at the University of Iowa. It only seems right to re-invest some of our treasure to amplify the gifts of time and talent given by our colleagues, community and students.

If you have time and talent that you think could benefit the UISRM program, we encourage you to reach out via srm-info@uiowa.edu and get involved. If you’re looking to share your treasures, a link is provided below. In addition to sharing why we give and being able to say thank you to all who support the program, we ask that you watch the following message from 58 of the over 500 UISRM students for the support of the 58 contributors to UISRM on 1 Day for Iowa.

Thanks and Go Hawks!

UISRM Faculty, Anna Jensen & Packy Moran (pictured with UISRM student, Molly Breitbach)

In August 2019, Anna and Packy will celebrate their 4-year and 5-year work anniversaries with UISRM, respectively, and their 11th wedding anniversary.

It is easy to give to the UISRM program. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go directly to supporting the unique learning opportunities that the UISRM program makes available to students.

Click here to visit the University of Iowa Center for Advancement to support the UISRM program.


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